Membership Commitment


The Muslim Community Center was formed to be the place where Muslims can grow in faith, knowledge and practice of Islam in North Charlotte. Our goal is to holistically convey the message of Islam as ambassadors to the Charlotte community. We want to be more than just a place where people pray.

Our members make up a spiritual family who will build genuine fellowship, learning from each other and leaning on each other as we grow in faith and contribute to society. We intend to set the groundwork for Islam and Muslims to be appreciated and revered as a native faith community. For this reason, we spent a lot of time and deliberation to establish a mission, vision and values driven organization. A benchmark to hold all of us accountable and guide us to achieve our goals.

Mission – Devotion to God, Striving for Excellence, Nurturing American Muslims, Engaged in the Service of Society.

Vision – A Charlotte community built on virtue and cooperation.

Our Guiding Values

In order for this mission to be preserved and thus bringing our vision to fruition, we must have a set of values that guide us. The following are MCC’s Core Values-

Welcoming. We respect and embrace everyone wherever they are on their spiritual journey. We don’t judge people and we recognize that there are priorities to every person and situation. Anyone who comes to MCC should feel hospitality and respect. Our priority is cultivating good character and making an environment where no one is causing harm or annoyance to others. We will all increase in our understanding and practice of religion the more we attend.

Scriptural. We seek to comprehend and embrace the teachings of the Quran according to the lofty example of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
We take our religion from the vast richness of the mainstream Islamic interpretive legacy. Understanding scripture requires us to be knowledge seekers who intellectualize our spirituality as well as approaching anything we learn through spirituality.

Relevant. We seek to understand the teachings of Islam in our local context.
On dealing with modern issues as well as interpretations with cultural implications, we promote modern scholarship rooted here in America. We see no contradiction between being both fully Muslim and fully American.

Benevolent. We care for and serve the best interests of the Charlotte community.
We especially have a deep-rooted compassion for the poor and disenfranchised. God most often defines Himself with this beautiful characteristic and describes it as the whole mission of our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We promote and work for social justice and encourage community fellowship and activism.

Diverse. We see value in and empower all segments of our community across age, ethnicity and gender. We are a spiritual family and all cultures, backgrounds and schools of thought have place at MCC. We see a need for a focused effort to empower women and youth in both participation and leadership.

The Commitment

As members of MCC we are expected to -

  • Attend as many educational programs as possible.
  • Engage in volunteer work internally and externally.
  • Give sincere advice to the leadership and members whenever applicable.
  • Attend General Assembly meetings.
  • Take part in the election process i.e. nominating and voting.
  • Commit to a monthly donation according to our means that will support the establishment and stability of our MCC’s infrastructure.

This is in living out the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah,

“Hold firm to the rope of God all of you together and do not be divided… There must be a nation among you calling to all that is good, promoting upright morality, and standing against immorality. It is those who are successful.” (3:103-104)

“The believers are those who have put their faith in God and His messenger and then do not doubt. They strive with their wealth and selves for the cause of God. Those are the truly sincere in their claim to faith.” (49:15)

From the last advices of the Prophet (PBUH), “You must stick to the congregation and I warn you from detachment as Satan is close to the loner and he is further from two believers who stick together. Whoever wants the bliss of paradise must stick with the congregation.” (Tirmidhi 2165)

In becoming a member of the MCC family, I hereby commit myself (and family if applicable) to abide by the MCC By-Laws, upholding and promoting our mission and vision according to our core values with my time, wealth and skills to the best of my ability.

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